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My other coins and medals

Early Bust Dollar w/ Heraldic Eagle Reverse 1798-1803 $1.00 ANACS

Mintage/Survival Est.: 1,153,709/30674

Wild Horses Medal of Nevada - 10 Troy Ounce Silver

1897 $2.50 gold ANACS NET 50: Mintage 29,768

1990 $1.00 SAE ANACS 68

Wells Fargo So-Called Dollar HK-296 given to all 1 year employees in 1902.

Designed by then Wells Fargo President John Valentine. Approx. Mintage: 5,000. ANACS UNC Details

1964 Silver medal for Nevada Centennial - Carson City Mint

1964 Nevada Centennial Medal in Silver

1976 Nevada Medal for US Bicentennial in Silver

Carson City Medal made from Press 1 with Nevada State Seal